1kg Spirulina sprinkles

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1 bag of 1000 gr spirulina sprinkles.

Energy, detox, immune system boost, anti-aging, athletic, vegan, raw, super food,…

Discover our spirulina cultivated with Love and Consciousness in a preserved place in Pyrenees…

Our Spirulina is made in a perserved countryside of French Pyrenees.  Its is low temperature dryed.  And grow without pesticides.  Our product is 100% spirulina, no conservatives or anything else added.

Spirulina sprinkles is less transormed than pills and powder.  That allows it to keep all its properties, becouse powder get oxidated and pills get 5 tons of compression which make it loose some nutrients.

Daily intake recommanded:  1 to 2 coffee spoons a day.  100 gr bag is 1 month worth of consommation for and adult.

Check out the benefits and recommandations:

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To choose your Ôde des Pyrénées’spirulina is:

  • An ecologic spirulina culture without herbicide, pesticide
  • European hygienes norms
  • A spirulina cultivated in south of France away from pollution
  • Analysed in lab
  • Dry at low temperature (32°)
  • Product 100% non transformed, without anything add to maximise  benefitial effects
  • A small farm business
  • We donate to OGNs to make the world a better place
  • Hand harvested
  • Direct from producer to get a better price
  • Safe online sale, fast delivery
  • A sweet and delicious taste.

Who needs spirulina and why?

  • Sportifs : an iron and protein spring to get fit and boost one’s performences.
  • Diest : to loose wheight and gain muscles
  • Vegetatian: to get  B12, iron, proteins, amino acids, vitamins
  • For women : compensate iron loss.
  • For the whole family : a super food that keeps you fit.
  • To detox your body by eliminationg toxins and heavy metals.
  • To boost your immune system and help you fight deseases and viruses
  • To keep your skin and your body young with its anti-oxidants
  • To balance your body acidity with its alcalin effects.
  • To find back energy, tonys, vitality thanks to minerals and vitamins.

How to use it?

You can sprinkle your spirulina on every one of your dishes.  You cand add it to smoothies, to salad sauces, ….  To preserve its nutriments it is important not to cook it.  So you can sprinkle it on top of your sweet or salty food right before eating it.

A very good way to use it is to mix one or two coffee spoon to a fresh orange juice.  The C vitamin allow to tripple iron absorption.

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These delivery prices are weight dependent.  Your package will be prepared 1 to 2 days after receiving the payement and will be delivered according to delivery time

French post prices :
100-250 gr (ecopli) = 1 or 2 spirulina bags
250-500 gr (greenletter) = 3 or 4 spirulina bags
500-1000 gr (box) = 5 to 8 spirulina bags
1000-2000 gr (box) = 9 or 10 spirulina bags