Benefits & recommendations

Who needs spirulina and why ?

Spirulina is the favourite food of people who cares about their health.  It’s the ally of athletic people and vegetarians because it brings a lot of proteins and almost all the nutriments you need to be healthy; but also for people  who desires to regain energy, people who have iron deficiency, …

Among its benefits, there is especially these ones:

  • Detox (thanks to its flavonoids  which allow the evacuation of harmfuls elements like heavy metals).
  • Improvement of allergic symptoms.
  • Strengthening immune defenses.
  • Anti-aging (it contains  de la phycocyanin and  beta-carotenes which are antioxidants).
  • Tonus (it fills you up with minerals which help to fight against fatigue, improve performances for athletics people, especially with iron).

Source: VIDALO J-L, Spiruline, L’algue bleue de santé et de prévention,Ed. du Dauphin, pp. 179-186, 203-215, 255-261, 2016.

We recommend you to eat 1 or 2 coffe spoon of spirulina  (3 to 5 gr) per day for an adult.  People who are used to eat spirulina and who desire to have more benefits, like sportsmen who wants to improve their performance can increase the daily dosis gradually up to 10 gr a day.

Spirulina is contraindicated in case of phenylketonuria.

How can I use it ? Spirulina sprinkles is delicious.  You can simply add it to every dishes you prepare as salads, pastas, etc…. You can mix it to juices, smoothies, to sauces,…  It is better not to heat it to keep all its nutriments intact. Just  sprinkle it instead of cooking it.